Nicaragua: 40 years after Somoza’s fall, another dictatorship



By Miguel Sorans*

The triumph of the revolution in 1979 was a great impact and generated great expectations. After 45 days of a general strike and the armed struggle of the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front), the National Guard was defeated and the fierce dictator fled. Forty years later, the leader of that revolution, Daniel Ortega, is a bloodthirsty dictator repudiated by his people.

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Women's Rebellion


Rebelion de la mujeres Ingles-Rebelion de la mujeres Ingles CT



China/Hong Kong: Thousands on the streets for more freedoms


e1b8c0fdd7914fe785711e375573b303 18In recent weeks hundreds of thousands of young people mobilised in Hong Kong, initially against the extradition law promoted by the pro-Beijing government of Carrie Lam’s, and then to take up again the democratic slogans that promoted the massive mobilisations of 2014 with the "umbrella revolution”.

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Trump's Military Fake in Iran


dron-estadounidense-rq-4-global-hawk-1561054358493By Simon Rodriguez, a member of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSL) of Venezuela, IWU-FI section.

Surrounded by the failures in domestic politics and the internal crises of his government, reflected in a very high rotation of high officials, with constant public contradictions between Trump and his cabinet, the American president has been using a spectacular foreign policy to hide his weaknesses. The most recent case has been his war threats against Iran, with the sending of bombers which he cancelled at the last moment, on 20 June.

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Iran: No to Donald Trump's Threats, Down with the Middle East Imperialism


uss-abraham-lincon-saudis-warn-iranThe United States is once again moving forward in attempted aggression against Iran. Besides economic sanctions restricting Iran's oil and metal trade, Trump deploys troops, and from aircraft carriers, dispatches missiles and bombers, alleging aggression by the state of Iran.

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Algeria: Free Louisa Hanoune and all political prisoners in Algeria.


Louisa-HanouneThe Algerian people are still mobilised to demand an end to the dictatorial regime of hunger and poverty and in defence of democratic freedoms, after having achieved the resignation of dictator Abdelaziz Bouteflika. However, the Constitutional Council postponed the 4 July elections, granting an extension of provisional mandate to the faithful disciple of former President Bouteflika, Abdelkader Bensalah.

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Sudan: We repudiate the criminal repression in Sudan! We support the general strike to overthrow the military junta!


Sudan golpe-de-estadoBrutal repression occurred in Sudan conducted by the military junta in the government. They attacked a protest camp seeking civilian rule through free elections and the end of the military junta. According to medics, there are at least 13 protesters dead. The Medics Central Committee, an opposing union, announced the number of martyrs could increase in front of the military headquarters, perpetrated by the military.

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Academic meeting on Leon Trotsky in Cuba


simonAcademic meeting on Leon Trotsky in Cuba

Correspondent of the International Correspondence, the magazine of the IWU-FI

The first Leon Trotsky International Academic Event, sponsored by the Philosophy Institute and the Juan Marinello Cuban Institute of Cultural Research, was held at the Benito Juarez house in Havana between 6 and 8 May, with the collaboration of other institutions, including the Leon Trotsky House Museum from Mexico City. The presentations included Trotsky’s contribution to the Marxist theory, his involvement in the cultural and artistic debates, Trotsky as a historian, among other topics. Simon Rodriguez Porras, Venezuelan Trotskyist, co-writer of the book Why did Chavismo fail? A balance sheet from the left opposition, a member of the Socialism and Freedom Party of Venezuela and the IWU-FI took part in the panel Revolution in the Caribbean and the continent with the paper The validity of the IV International in the 21st Century.

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Joint RCIT and ITU-CI declaration: Stop the new aggression of Israel in Gaza!!!


Palestinañ-2019-5-6Stop the new aggression of Israel in Gaza!!!

Once again, the Israeli government has intensified its campaign of terror against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. In the past 48 hours, the Israeli air force and navy have killed 25 Palestinians, including Falastine Abu Arar, a 37-year-old pregnant mother, and her 14-month-old niece, Siba. Nearly 70 Palestinians were injured in the attacks. In addition, the Israeli army destroyed the building that had housed the Gaza office of the Turkish state news agency Anadolu. Three Israelis died as a result of the launching of Palestinian rockets in retaliation.

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Venezuela: We repudiate the coup attempt!


20190430-We-repudiate-the-coup-attemptA coup attempt is ongoing, summoned by Guaido, the National Assembly bosses’ parties and sponsored by Donald Trump and the United States.


A military sector has released Leopoldo Lopez, who was under house arrest, and they have stationed in front of the Carlota air base in Caracas and occupied Carlota. From there, they are calling the people to take to the streets and urging other military sectors to pronounce against Maduro.

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