The global crisis of the capitalist economy and the coronavirus


88986948 2809572545785542 7732152313577472 oBy Miguel Sorans, 9 March 2020

On Monday, 9 March, the world’s stock markets collapsed. A new “Black Monday” for the world capitalist economy. Wall Street stopped trading for 15 minutes. The price of oil fell to $33 a barrel. In January, it was at $63. The price cut is an emergency move that Wall Street set up during the 2008 crisis to avoid panic selling. But the panic between the capitalists, finance capital and the multinationals is installed. And it’s not just because of the coronavirus.

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8M: for a struggle world day against austerity governments and for all our rights


88162513 2794128730663257 2574412377999015936 nDeclaration of the International Workers’ Unity - Fourth International (IWU-FI)

8M: for a struggle world day against austerity governments and for all our rights

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All support to the Dominican working people in their fight against electoral fraud


5e4e7b48e9ff717e2434edcd 1International Workers' Unity-Fourth International

In an attack on democratic rights that shows the acceleration of the decomposition of the Dominican regime, the municipal elections scheduled for February 16th of this year were suspended a few hours after they began. A massive fraud through the manipulation of the equipment for electronic voting, which was to be implemented in the municipalities that concentrate 62% of the voters, was aborted. In at least half of the voting centers, the electronic ballots were defective because they did not show one or more of the opposing candidates. The Central Electoral Board (JCE), surrounded by complaints and protests, suspended the elections.

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86730814 1023353434707536 7535904370081136640 nBy Miguel Sorans, a leader of Socialist Left (IS) Argentina, and the IWU-FI, 14 February 2020

The coronavirus epidemic, which has its epicentre in China, has a major global impact because of its seriousness in terms of loss of lives. But also because of the economic consequences, it will have for the masses of the world. China is semi-paralysed. World trade will be affected and there will be a further drop in production.

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Nahuel Moreno was the most important leader of Latin American Trotskyism.


nahuel morenoA debate with La Izquierda Diario, PTS online weekly.

Another anniversary of his death took place on 25 January, and here we have vindicated the legacy of who was our founder and teacher. La Izquierda Diario/PTS once again falsified his positions and his career.

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No to Trump's "Agreement of Century" against the palestinian people!


83610249 2729377207138410 1009960816625057792 oIn a joint statement from Washington, the U.S. and Israeli heads of state, Trump and Netanyahu, presented a “peace” proposal called the “Century Agreement”. Netanyahu has announced that he will immediately begin implementing aspects of the plan, clarifying that it is not a proposal for negotiation with the representatives of the Palestinian people, but a guarantee by U.S. imperialism for a new criminal offensive by the racist and fascist state of Israel.

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We repudiate the U.S. army's bombings in Baghdad!


0000099488By IWU-FI

The assassination of the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, General Qasem Soleimani, and several Iraqi Shiite leaders at Baghdad Airport, by missiles fired from drones, which the U.S. hypocritically called "defensive measures," is part of the ongoing U.S. military intervention in the Middle East, either directly or through its main agent in the region, Israel.

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By Miguel Sorans, a leader of the Socialist Left (IS – Argentina) and the IWU-FI. Published in El Socialista,

11 December 2019

From Hong Kong to Latin America, through the French general strike, the Middle East and North Africa, a trail of popular uprisings set the planet on fire.

A revolutionary wave has been raging since the beginning of 2019. There was a precedent at the end of 2018 with the formidable mobilisation of the Yellow Vests in France. 2019 started with a great triumph of the popular mobilisation in Algeria that made the dictator Bouteflika resign. Then it shook the world with the massive mobilisations in Hong Kong, which have been confronting the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party (CP) for months now. In July, it impacted the so-called “citizen revolution” of Puerto Rico that toppled the governor. In recent months, we have seen the return of the impressive independence mobilisations of the Catalan people and for the freedom of their political prisoners. Meanwhile, in the United States, there was the General Motors strike, the longest in half a century.

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Strong general strike in France


436182By Simon Rodriguez, a leader of the IWU-FI

The French working class once again stood up against the government of the liberal Macron. Over a million people mobilised in some forty cities against the government and its pension reform project. Over 90 percent of trips on high-speed trains and 80 percent on regional trains and 20 percent of commercial flights were suspended.

The strike is indefinite and they will vote its extension daily, which is why it will be the most important strike since the 1995 one that defeated Chirac’s pension reform.

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Iran- The Growing Seeds Of Revolution


iran-regime-protestsWe are the counterparts of all the revolutionaries in pursuit of justice and equality across the world

Zhaleh Sahand

Everything in Iran is crumbling, but its extreme tyranny and cruel anti-workers policies. Iran is a perfect example of the notion that anti capitalism-anti-imperialism is nothing more than a farce when it is not organically coinciding with the free operations of the independent unions, planned economy, and all civic liberties and practices.

Iranian regime has jailed and executed thousands and thousands of Iranian political activists from all walks of life; national/religious minorities, labour activists, and unionists, charged with sham national security offences and more. Several of the activists found dead in their cells, some activists forever disappeared, and some of them are serving lengthy and full prison sentences at present time (1, 2).

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