Statement on Ukraine by the UIT-CI - March 6, 2014


Out with Russian military intervention! No to the referendum trying to annex Crimea! Neither Russia nor the EU will be a solution for the Ukrainian people! No to the adjustment prepared by the EU-IMF-Obama!Out with Russian military intervention! No to the referendum trying to annex Crimea! Neither Russia nor the EU will be a solution for the Ukrainian people! No to the adjustment prepared by the EU-IMF-Obama!

1. After the popular revolt that toppled the reactionary and repressive pro-Russian government of Yanukovych, Russia under the mandate of President Putin, has intervened militarily the Crimea region, under the false pretext of "humanitarian defence" of Russian citizens. The pro Yanukovich regional government has called for a referendum, with the support of Russian troops and paramilitaries, for March 16 in order to annex Crimea to the Russian Federation. There is no humanitarian defence or a fair claim to self-determination, but rather that Putin seeks to divide Ukraine to put a wedge in the process of mass rebellion, to hold its important naval base of its war fleet in Sevastopol, with over 13 thousand soldiers, and defend the business of the Russian mafia entrepreneurs. This is why we call to reject such intervention and the attempt to annex Crimea. There were already demonstrations in Moscow against Russian military intervention that were repressed.

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Ukraine: a revolutionary triumph of the masses


With the fall and flight from the country of President Viktor Yanukovych a great revolutionary mass mobilization has triumphedBy Miguel Lamas, International Correspondence magazine, UIT-CI . 4/3/2014

With the fall and flight from the country of President Viktor Yanukovych a great revolutionary mass mobilization has triumphed. The people's mobilization, together with the political crisis, began in November. In the middle of winter, with temperatures 20 degrees below zero, people never left the square and the streets, despite bloody repressive attacks that left hundreds dead and wounded. Now a new political moment opens. Russia intervenes militarily in Crimea.

The demonstrations began repudiating the Yanukovych government's decision to cancel the association agreement with the European Union (EU) and reaching another financial agreement with Russia. The bosses opposition to Yanukovych's government, headed by pro-European former Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko (who was in prison), demanded entry to the EU. Popular sectors supported this because they have illusions that this could improve the catastrophic economic situation and they expect it will be easier to migrate to Western Europe.

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What is going on in Venezuela?


En las protestas posteriores al 12 de febrero han muerto seis personas más, se estima que casi doscientas personas han sido heridas de bala y perdigones, la mayoría como resultado de las acciones de los grupos parapoliciales y la GNB

By Simón Rodríguez Porras (Partido Socialismo y Libertad-Venezuela) - 23-2-2014

The images of thousands of protesters on the streets of the main cities in Venezuela, the military deployment, the armed actions of civil groups, the government's denouncements of a coup from one end and the accusations from the patronal opposition leadership of what they consider new evidence of the fact that the political regime is dictatorial on the other have been globally disseminated over the past two weeks. Whoever tries to comprehend the situation we are going through notes that the presentation of the events are so thoroughly intertwined with the propaganda of each disputing faction that it is hard to assume a critical position. It could be said that this same situation itself is not new, 12 years after the coup attempt that inaugurated an acute political polarisation. Nevertheless the distance that separates the current situation from that of 2002 is such that in many aspects it is its antithesis.

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Let's repudiate the imperialist intervention in Syria


Asistimos a una nueva farsa de “intervención humanitaria” por el uso de “armas de destrucción masiva”, como si la masacre química fuera cualitativamente más grave que los más de 100.000 muertos por las bombas convencionales del régimen durante los dos últimos años

It was announced thatthe United Stateswould be readyfor an attackon Syria, which could be imminent. To do this they have severalwarships andsubmarinesin the Mediterraneanarmed withcruise missiles andaircraft atvarious basesin the areawith the capacityto bombSyrian territory. They would countwith thebacking ofBritain, France, some Arab governments(SaudiArabia, Qatar) and Turkey. They would performthis actionon the groundsthat the Syrian regimeis "unconscionable"forusing "chemical weapons".

We are witnessing a newfarceof "humanitarian intervention"for the use of"weaponsof mass destruction", as if thechemicalslaughterwerequalitatively moreserious thanthe more than 100,000killed by theregime'sconventionalbombsduringthe last two yearsin the popularneighbourhoodsofHoms,Damascus andAleppo.United Statesand Israeldo not havean optionto ensureits control, neither the regimenora "moderate" wingof the opposition; therefore, the aim ofthe intervention is not tooverthrowBasharorto destabilizethe balance of forcesin the war –the goal isto continuethe destruction ofSyria.

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Whither the "Arab Spring"?


Sigue la movilización y la voluntad de lucha de las masas. Siendo así, es posible derrotar esta ofensiva de la contrarrevolución

The coup and the brutal repression of the military in Egypt and the release of former dictator Mubarak pose questions in thousands of fighters in the world. Is the process of the Arab Spring ending? To this we must add new criminal actions of Bashar al-Assad in the indefinite Syrian civil war. Is the cycle of successful revolutions that toppled dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya closing? Are we faced with the danger of a bloody counterrevolution triumph, at least in Egypt, imposing a regional retreat to the revolutionary process open in early 2011?

By Miguel Sorans, Leader of the International Workers Union – Fourth International IWU–FI).

There are several facts that show progress of the counter-revolutionary forces and agents of imperialism. In Egypt there has been a counter-revolutionary coup and the dictator Mubarak has managed to get out of jail and move to house arrest.

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Repudiation of the repressive slaughter in Egypt! Down with the civilian-military government!


En Egipto se ha producido una masacre a manos de los militares y la policía de la nueva dictadura, instalada en julio.

Statement by the IWU– FI / ILC Coordinating Committee

In Egypt there has been a slaughter at the hands of the military and police of the new dictatorship, installed in July. The violent eviction of the two camps of Egyptian protesters supporting the deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi left more than 600 dead and thousands injured. These are the first figures, but may be higher.

This is the bloodiest day in the history of the country. The savage repression ordered and executed by the military-civilian government took place not only in the capital, Cairo, but also in several towns in the interior.

Since the coup of July 3, supporters of the former president Morsi, summoned by the Muslim Brotherhood, mobilized massively permanently and ended up installing various camps claiming for freedom of Morsi and his reinstatement in the government. The army suppressed their protests several times and finally on Wednesday 14 launched a savage repression on the camps in cities and different neighbourhoods of Cairo. Especially in the Cairo's Rabaa al-Adaweya Square where one of their camps was located.

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STATEMENT OF THE COORDINATING COMMITTEE IWU-FI/ILS Long live the struggle of the Brazilian people!


Protestas en Bello Horizonte el 26-6-2013 frente al estadio Mineirao

Millions of Brazilians have won the streets of over 300 cities, making the largest demonstration in the history of this country, the largest, most populous and important in Latin America. Although for two years there has been a significant process of partial struggles of workers, almost no one expected this sudden outburst. The spark that caused the explosion was the increase of 20 cents of Brazilian Real (BRL) in urban transport prices. But obviously this was not the only or the main cause of discontent accumulated.

The increase in transport was canceled in major cities last week, and yet the next day the mobilization was even greater. This mobilization did not have or has a recognized leadership. It was convened largely by young people from Facebook. People in the streets denouncing the corruption of the national government headed by Dilma Rousseff / PT [Workers Party] and the governments of the States (PT, PMDB [Brazilian Democratic Movement Party], PSDB [Brazilian Social Democracy Party], etc.), especially in relation to the pharaonic works for the World Cup, with waste of billions of dollars that will leave no legacy for working people, but allow large deals between FIFA, builders and corrupt politicians.

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Statement on Zionist aggression


Statement on Zionist aggression


For the fourth time since the beginning of the revolution, the Zionist aviation violated Syrian airspace. These violations are becoming more aggressive. Regardless of all the excuses stated by the Zionist state, these attacks are still violating the land of Syria by the Syrian people's enemy, which continues to occupy part of its territory, as well as the whole of Palestine. With this, the Zionist state would be looking to mix and confuse the public to prop up a very weak government, and it wants po prevent weapons changing hands from an army that for 40 years is not fighting against Israel.

This obvious that the enemy uses the conflict to carry out their raids, because they know that the Syrian authority is not going to. If Zionist aviation, even before the revolution, was run multiple raids with no response from the Syrian government -beyond ridiculous statements-, the lack of a current response demonstrates that the regime continues fearing any confrontation with the Zionist state and does not want a war with Israel. Peace with Israel has been for decades the policy of the Syrian regime: its sole purpose is its own preservation and conservation of an elite that has only impoverished and plundered Syria.

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Korea: is a new war possible?


Korea: is a new war possible?

Korea: is a new war possible?

By Miguel Sorans, Izquierda Socialista (UIT-CI), Argentina.

Since a month ago mutual military threats between the government of North Korea versus South Korea and the USA grow. North Korea declared that it is in a 'state of war' and ready to launch missiles if attacked. Military preparations grow. What is the root of the conflict? Is it really possible for a war to start in Southeast Asia?

Few believe that it may lead to an all-out war. Beyond some of the many skirmishes that have taken place in recent years. But neither could it be dismissed completely due to the irresponsible and criminal character of the opponents. On the one hand, an old-style dictatorial Stalinist regime hated by the people, and on the other hand, US imperialism which wants to maintain its role as world policeman at all costs.

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60 years ago Stalin died



Potsdam (in the outskirts of Berlin), 1945. There Churchill, Truman and Stalin and agreed on 'spheres of influence' met60 years ago Stalin died

The man who betrayed Leninism and the revolution

By Mercedes Petit, Izquierda Socialista

On March 5, 1953, victim of a brain haemorrhage, died one of the most powerful men of the twentieth century. The USSR and its "sphere of influence" no longer exist. The debate on the role of Joseph Stalin remains fully valid for XXI century revolutionaries.

In 1953, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), the largest country in the world, was the second industrial power and prepared to dispute the conquest of the cosmos to the United States. Until then, according to the "official history" of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and its agencies, which dominated Eastern Europe, these achievements were due to the work of one man: the "little father" Stalin. Just three years later, the new general secretary of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev, issued a "secret report" against Stalin and launched a "de-Stalinization". In both cases, the bureaucracy was lying to the Soviet people and workers of the world to preserve their privileges and coexistence with imperialism.

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