What is the IWU-FI?

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IWU-FI LogoThe International Workers Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI [UIT-CI in Spanish])) is a global revolutionary socialist organization, founded in Barcelona in 1997, with the merger of various currents that vindicate themselves followers of the political and theoretical legacy of Leon Trotsky and of one of the main leaders of Trotskyism post WWII, Nahuel Moreno.

The IWU-FI acknowledges itself as an organization that is part of the international Trotskyist movement. We strive for the reconstruction of the IV International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938, but do not consider ourselves as being the IV International. We fight for the unity of the revolutionary Trotskyist or not, that support a principled revolutionary socialist program to rebuild that International and revolutionary parties in each country. The IWU-FI and its sections are in the service of that task rejecting all forms of self-proclamation and sectarianism.

Since its founding the IWU-FI, with successes and failures, is giving the fight to build revolutionary parties and an international organization, as well as seeking to apply the unity of revolutionaries, with militants and organizations, both in Latin America and Europe.

For this quest, of uniting the revolutionaries, we raise a minimal revolutionary program, which synthesizes the revolutionary objectives for the current stage of the world socialist revolution.

The Minimal Revolutionary Program to join the revolutionaries:

1. Support for all the struggles of workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, student and popular sectors of the world against imperialism and its governments.

2. For the expropriation of the multinationals, the banks and the capitalists.

3. We fight for the political independence of class, not supporting bourgeois governments.

4. For trade union autonomy from governments and states.

5. For democracy of the workers and the masses.

6. "The liberation of the workers will be a task of the workers themselves," we fight for workers' and people's governments

7. For a Revolutionary International and revolutionary parties in each country.

8. For socialism with workers' and people's democracy.


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