XIII. For the building of revolutionary parties and a revolutionary International


The IWU-FI confirms that the strategic task, together with promoting the mobilization of the workers and the people in the perspective of labour and popular power, is to contribute to overcoming the crisis of revolutionary leadership. And that task becomes to build revolutionary parties and a revolutionary international of masses under the Transitional Program, the program of the Fourth International.

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XII. A XXI Century program for the revolution


• Let the workers and peoples not pay the crisis. Let it be paid by the capitalists, banks and multinationals.

No to adjustment plans of IMF and the governments of the bosses. No to the payment of the foreign debt in Greece and other countries and with those resources to give wages, employment, health and education for all. Enough with unemployment. Public works schemes; unemployment insurance; distribution of working hours with equal pay; no layoffs and wage cuts. No cuts in health and education. Let bankers pay for the crisis; bank and foreign trade nationalization under workers control. No to privatization and for the re-statization of all enterprises and of natural resources under the control of the workers.

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XI. The crisis of revolutionary leadership


The crisis of the revolutionary leadership, that is, its absence and the dominance of the counter-revolutionary apparatuses, although weaker, is what makes that despite the great revolutionary upsurge, imperialist dominion continues and revolutions do not move to socialist revolutions.

As noted by Nahuel Moreno, "while the proletariat does not overcome its crisis of revolutionary leadership it will not be able to defeat the world imperialism and all its struggles, as a result, will be full of victories that will lead inevitably to catastrophic defeats. (...) As apparatuses continue to control the mass movement, any revolutionary triumph is inevitably transformed into defeat." (Transition Program Update, Thesis II). This is the danger that looms over the Arab revolutions, that the bourgeois and reformist Islamic and non-Islamic leaderships want to freeze or defeat. Therefore the number task one of the revolutionary socialists remains the struggle to overcome this crisis of leadership, building revolutionary parties in each country and a revolutionary International.

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X. In Cuba the “socialist model” is not updated


The Cuban revolution was for decades a reference point for anti-imperialist and socialist fighters in the world. But it has for some time quitted being such a reference. Calls to make new revolutions can no longer be heard. The Cuban government has not supported the Arab revolutions and defended, in fact, the dictators of Libya and Syria against their people and it is known that foreign investment and social inequality are growing.

The sad reality is that the Cuban leadership, under the false slogan of "we are updating the socialist model", has spent years dismantling the achievements of the socialist revolution of the 1960s and consolidating a "Cuban style" capitalist restoration.

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IX. Latin America is part of the world revolutionary process


The propaganda of the governments of Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and others sought to show that our continent's economic crisis "does not fit", that it is a problem of Europe and the United States. But the Latin American continent is part of it and of the world revolutionary upswing, even with all its peculiarities. The year 2012 has been one of large strikes, indigenous-peasant rebellions and student demonstrations. What is new is the change that occurs in Argentina with the first general strikes in the labour movement against the Peronist government of Cristina Kirchner. It is a change, because for 10 years there had not been a general strike called by the CGT, which has a Peronist bureaucratic leadership.

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