XIII. For the building of revolutionary parties and a revolutionary International

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The IWU-FI confirms that the strategic task, together with promoting the mobilization of the workers and the people in the perspective of labour and popular power, is to contribute to overcoming the crisis of revolutionary leadership. And that task becomes to build revolutionary parties and a revolutionary international of masses under the Transitional Program, the program of the Fourth International.

The IWU-FI wants to contribute its forces to this daunting task without self-promoting statements, but open to new trade union and political processes, as to new groupings and sectors that are in the pursuit of building a revolutionary socialist direction.

The tactic of uniting revolutionaries, the united revolutionary front in all possible countries, is a very important tactic in this stage of crisis of reformist leaderships and apparatuses in the world, to build revolutionary parties with democratic centralism.

Since its inception, IWU-FI, with successes and failures, is giving the fight to build revolutionary parties and international organizations, as well as seeking to apply the unity of revolutionaries, with activists and organizations in Latin America and Europe.

For this search, we raise a minimum revolutionary program; which summarizes the revolutionary goals for the current stage of the world socialist revolution.

The minimum revolutionary program to join the revolutionaries:

1. Support for all the struggles of workers, peasants, indigenous people, students and popular

struggles against imperialism and their governments.

2. For the expropriation of the multinationals, banks and capitalists.

3. We fight for political class independence; no to bourgeois governments support.

4. For Trade Union autonomy from governments and State.

5. For workers democracy and of the masses.

6. "The liberation of the working class will be the task of the workers themselves." We fight for
governments of the workers and the people,

7. For a revolutionary international and revolutionary parties in each country.

8. For socialism with workers and people democracy.


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