XII. A XXI Century program for the revolution

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• Let the workers and peoples not pay the crisis. Let it be paid by the capitalists, banks and multinationals.

No to adjustment plans of IMF and the governments of the bosses. No to the payment of the foreign debt in Greece and other countries and with those resources to give wages, employment, health and education for all. Enough with unemployment. Public works schemes; unemployment insurance; distribution of working hours with equal pay; no layoffs and wage cuts. No cuts in health and education. Let bankers pay for the crisis; bank and foreign trade nationalization under workers control. No to privatization and for the re-statization of all enterprises and of natural resources under the control of the workers.

• Support for strikes and struggles against the capitalist adjustment. For the general strike and for the workers and the people unity.

Support to workers strikes in Europe and around the world and to the youth and popular sector mobilisations against the capitalist adjustments. For the European general strike following the path initiated on November 14, 2012. In the face of the boycott to the struggles by the union bureaucracies, for unity and coordination of struggles from below. For the unity of the workers, popular, student, peasant and indigenous struggles.

• Support to the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East in struggle.

Down with the dictatorship in Syria! No to imperialist intervention. Support to the Syrian people! For the development of the revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. For Support to the struggles of the peoples of Bahrain, Morocco, Yemen and other countries of North Africa and the Middle East. For the expropriation of multinationals. For the rights of workers and youth. Trial and punishment of the murderers of dictatorial regimes. For free and democratic Constituent Assemblies. For government of the workers and the people. Support to the Palestinian people; for the end of the Zionist state; for a single secular, democratic and non-racist state in Palestine.

• No to military interventions and imperialist aggressions.

Imperialist troops out of Afghanistan. No to French intervention in Mali and other African countries. No to sanctions and attacks on North Korea. No to the Iran trade embargo and Israel's military threats of war. No to "humanitarian" interventions of the "Blue Helmets" of the UN in Haiti, Western Sahara, Cyprus, etc. Out with the U.S. blockade on Cuba. Imperialism out of Guantanamo, Malvinas (Falkland) Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar.

• For national self-determination of the peoples.

We support the struggles of the Kurds, Sahrawi, Tibetans, Tuaregs, among others, for national self-determination. For the right of the Basque and Catalan peoples to self-determination. For the independence of Puerto Rico. We support these revolutionary struggles in the revolutionary march to restore the unity of the peoples through federations of socialist republics.

• No to the plundering of natural resources by the multinationals. No to capitalist environmental pollution.

Support for popular struggles in defence of natural resources, environmental protection, facing the plunder and depredation of nature, the pollution of water, air, land, sea, forest destruction, indiscriminate felling of forests and all the consequences of the destruction of nature by multinationals and their policy of imperialist plunder. No to mega-mining. Support for this claim of the people of Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, among others. Support for the protests against nuclear power plants in the imperialist countries. No to the looting of raw materials (minerals, cereals, energy, etc.) and payment of patent royalties and taxes by multinationals like Monsanto. Expropriation of mining, oil and gas, agrochemicals (Monsanto and others) multinationals.

• For agrarian reform and the rights of indigenous peoples.

For an agrarian reform that expropriate landowners and give the land to the peasants. Unconditional defence of cultural, political and social rights of indigenous peoples. No to paramilitary gangs massacring peasants and indigenous people in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.

• Down with the trade union bureaucracies. For new anti-bureaucratic leaders. For workers democracy.

Out with the treacherous unions and Labour Federations leadership. For new leaders emerged in the fight. For the free election of union leaders. Mass meetings of the rank and file to decide everything. For coordinating the struggle and strike committees. For workers, popular and student unity in anti-capitalist mobilizations. We promote self-organization of the masses to develop the revolutionary mobilization.

• No to the criminalization of protest. For full trade union autonomy from governments and the state.

No to the repression of trade union, student, peasant and popular struggles. No criminalization of protests with lawsuits and threats of imprisonment to the fighters. Freedom to all prisoners for fighting. For the full right to strike and protest. For union autonomy from State, governments and the bosses.

• Support for the struggles of youth.

Let us support student protests around the world for a state, free, secular and quality education for all. All support to the Chilean students in their struggle against private education. Let us fight against the scourges suffered by youth, such as unemployment, poverty and job insecurity. Let us follow the example of the "Indignados" in the Spanish state and the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in the United States in their fight against the capitalist crisis, of the "April 6" movement in Egypt emerged in support of workers strikes and star of the Arab Spring, of the the movement "I'm 132" of Mexico against authoritarianism and repression of youth.

• All support to the struggles of women worldwide.

Enough of discrimination and precarious employment: equal pay for equal work and equal access to all labour categories. Stop sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. For access to all political and union positions on equal terms. For the right to decide over their own bodies. Sex education to decide; contraceptives to avoid abortion; legal, safe and free abortion to not die. Enough of violence against women, enough of femicide. Dismantling of networks trafficking for sexual exploitation of women and children. For all the rights as women and workers.

• Down with dictatorships and for freedom of expression, mobilization and organization.

Down with the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Down with dictatorships and repressive regimes in Africa, the Middle East and countries of the former USSR. Down with the one-party dictatorships of China, Vietnam and Cuba. Down with the dictatorial regime of the "Kim dynasty" of North Korea, that represses and starves its people. Support for union and youth struggles, for the right to strike, to protest and to freely form trade unions, student centres and political parties. For freedom of expression, the use of Internet and social networks; no to all kinds of censorship of the press or art.

• For governments of the workers and socialism with workers and popular democracy.

"The liberation of the working class will be the task of the workers themselves." This old Marxist tenet is more relevant than ever. Enough of capitalist exploitation. No to the phony "XXI century socialism." We fight to achieve governments of the workers and the people to begin socialism with democracy for workers, youth and the people. In the revolutionary mobilization we urge the development of workers, youth and people organisms of dual power in the perspective of that kind of government to embark on the road of true socialism to overcome the social crisis caused by capitalism worldwide.


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