VIII. Europe and the rise of the working class


Since 2008, Europe is at the centre of the capitalist crisis and the attempt to have the workers, youth and popular sectors pay for it. Since 2010, the European working class, although with inequalities and difficulties for its bureaucratic leadership, came en masse to fight.

The "adjustment": assault on labour and social achievements

The colossal waste of the "bank bailout" in 2008 meant that the costs were passed on to the States. The vast majority of the 27 states that make up the European Union (EU) were indebted and unable to deal with the debt payments. With whom is the debt? Fundamentally with German and French banks, in that order. And who should pay, according to capitalists and their army of "economic experts"? The workers, immigrants, the poor. Why so? The explanation given: there were "waste years" and now "you have to sacrifice."

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VII. The revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East


The fall of dictatorships that were in power for nearly 40 years in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya has been a revolutionary victory of the movement of the Arab and world masses and has made a big impact. The revolutionary process in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East not only has created a revolutionary situation in the whole area, but it has also influenced the class struggle worldwide. Struggles have emerged as the "Indignados" (Outraged) movement in Europe and Occupy Wall Street, in the U.S., taking the example of the struggle of the Arab peoples. In the same vein, it also provided a new impetus to the struggle of the Palestinian people, as seen in the occupation of the Israeli embassy in Cairo by the Egyptian masses, the same day that Qaddafi fled Tripoli. The Palestinian requests to the UN for recognition as a full member or the rapprochement between the PLO and Hamas toward a possible alliance have been examples of these changes and the impact of the first victories of the Arab revolution.

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VI. China: Towards a new hegemonic power?


There are those who foretell that China will be, in 20 or 25 years, the new world power, it might even surpass or replace the United States as a hegemonic power, trying to confirm the "success" of the return of capitalism in China.

Meanwhile, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and sectors of the global reformist left have praised China, putting it as an example of "socialism of the XXI century" that would enable a "multipolar world" which would weaken, positively, the "unipolar world" imposed by U.S. imperialism.

Both are false. Neither is China an example of "social progress and success" under capitalism nor is a "modern" socialism that represents something positive for the people of the world.

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V. The crisis of imperialist domination


Few dispute the crisis of U.S. imperialism. Today it is even accepted that they lost the war in Iraq and they are losing it in Afghanistan. This is very serious for imperialism.

But given that fact, there are many interpretations. From the left there are sectors that support the Italian Antonio Negri, who in his book "Empire" (2000) has theorized about the disappearance of imperialism and the existence of a world government, extraterritorial, in the hands of the G-8, the World Bank, IMF and WTO.

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IV. The different historical stages


Since World War I in 1914-1918, a new historical era opens. The world capitalist system exhausted its prior ability to develop the productive forces and began its decline. The dominance of monopolies and finance capital covered the entire planet. Under this imperialist domination, the bourgeoisie no longer yields gains and improvements for the masses, leaving behind the reformist achievements. Now, the policy of imperialism and monopoly is to search permanently for higher levels of poverty on the masses to try to overcome its crisis, combined with the brake on development of the productive forces.

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