International Climate Action Week: Global Climate Change Strike


IWU-FI Statement

estudiantes-marchan-cambio-climatico EDIIMA20190207 0648 4International Climate Action Week: Global Climate Change Strike

A UN report by 250 scientists from 70 countries predicts an environmental catastrophe by 2050, where the planet would be uninhabitable for the human species. This report overturns the agreements signed by 195 countries to reduce CO2 emissions in the Paris Climate Change Agreement of 2015. The United States withdrew from this agreement, one of the main countries with the highest CO2 emissions, accompanied by Donald Trump’s idea that climate change is “a tall tale”.

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No to the threat of dismissal against Jose Bodas!


No to the threat of dismissal against Jose Bodas!

By C-CURA (Classist, Unitary, Revolutionary and Autonomous Current)

Through social networks and other means, has circulated the rumour of a probable dismissal of Jose Bodas from PDVSA. Bodas is a refinery worker at Puerto La Cruz, in the state of Anzoategui, with 31 years of service in our main industry, plant operator, and general secretary of the Unitary Federation of Oil Workers (FUTPV), elected by the oil workers, in the Classist, Unitary, Revolutionary and Autonomous Current slate.

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Stop Xenophobic and Racist Lynchings in the Dominican Republic!


1508168947 032531 1508172020 noticia grandeThe undersigned organizations and personalities are trying to shine a spotlight on the persistence of racist hate crimes in the Dominican Republic. We wish to express our concern, outrage, and opposition to the hate speeches and xenophobic attitudes promoted by institutions and authorities of the Dominican State.

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Nicaragua: 40 years after Somoza’s fall, another dictatorship



By Miguel Sorans*

The triumph of the revolution in 1979 was a great impact and generated great expectations. After 45 days of a general strike and the armed struggle of the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front), the National Guard was defeated and the fierce dictator fled. Forty years later, the leader of that revolution, Daniel Ortega, is a bloodthirsty dictator repudiated by his people.

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