28S: A new #gritoglobal for legal abortion


28S de 2017 primer grito global por el aborto legalFor: UIW-FI

The struggle of the women's movement worldwide is shaking the earth in the fight against the capitalist governments, which deny our rights. We carried out the second international strike of women against wage inequality and adjustment plans, we took to the streets against gender and sexual violence and for legal abortion and conquered with the mobilization to advance the right to abortion in Ireland. Because we know that the history of our rights is that of conquest in the streets, this 28S we have the challenge of promoting a global day for legal abortion.

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Questions and answers regarding the case of Rodney Alvarez, worker and political prisoner in Venezuela


Libertad para Rodney Alvarez

From the campaign #LiberenARodneyAlvarez (#FreeRodneyAlvarez) promoted by left opposition organizations in Venezuela such as Partido Socialismo y Libertad, Comadres Púrpuras, Marea Socialista and others.

1.- Who is Rodney Alvarez?

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USA–North Korea: What happened in the summit Trump–Kim Jong-un?


Trump y Kim en la cumbre en SingapurBy: Miguel Sorans, International Workers' Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

Finally, an event that seemed unthinkable a while ago materialized. The images of Trump and Kim Jong-un at their summit in Singapore already have gone to the picture album of history with others like the image of Nixon and Mao in Beijing in 1972. But in reality, it is very far from those protagonists. Not only because of the difference in personalities but because here there was "much ado about nothing". Many commentators agree it was a summit empty of concrete agreements and more of a great show. However, the show is part of a counterrevolutionary political agreement.

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Stop the massacre to the Palestinian people! We repudiate Trump and the genocidal State of Israel!


20180515-Palestina-bannerThe Zionist army criminally suppressed what is known as The Great Return March, a pacific demonstration of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The world repudiates the massacre of over 60 Palestinians.

among them children, and over 2,000 injured. The Israeli army shot and machine-gun fired thousands of unarmed Palestinians.

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