Joint statement of Syrian Democratic Left Party and Workers Democracy Party, Turkey for the situation in Siria


siriyaOur parties reviewed the situation in the northern Syrian region and the risk of another explosion of the situation especially in Idlib where Russians and Iranians with the Syrian regime are willing to occupy this liberated area which will cause the killing of thousands of Syrian children, women and others and which could result in displacement of one million according to UN and Human Rights organizations, when Russians are claiming that they are willing and trying to help displaced Syrians to return to their homes which proves their hypocrisy.

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USA elections: a political blow to Trump's government


Trump luego de las elecciones de medio término en EEUUThe mid-term elections in the US represented a political blow to the reactionary Trump. government. The Republicans lost the majority in the House, where the Democrats channelled the anger against Trump. It was a punishment vote of social sectors against his hated, machist, misogynist and racist outbursts when the region is in crisis due to the migrant caravan. The government is weakened and the American imperialist domination crisis deepens, in an international context of inter-bourgeois frictions with China and the European Union, while capitalism cannot overcome the world economic crisis.

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Salameh Kaileh: a prominent Arab revolutionary died


Salameh KailehBy Miguel Sorans, a leader of Socialist Left of Argentina and the IWU-FI

We received the sad news that Salameh Kaileh, 63, died in Amann (Jordan), a Marxist revolutionary and a Syrian-Palestinian activist, after fighting a prolonged illness. With the same courage he fought against the Syrian dictator Basha Al-Assad and the Zionism. He was born in 1955 in Birzet (West Bank, Palestine). He studied in Bagdad (Irak) and settled in Damascus (Syria). He was in jail for eight years during the 1990s, under the government of the Assad family. He joined the break of the Syrian revolution in 2011.

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28S: A new #gritoglobal for legal abortion


28S de 2017 primer grito global por el aborto legalFor: UIW-FI

The struggle of the women's movement worldwide is shaking the earth in the fight against the capitalist governments, which deny our rights. We carried out the second international strike of women against wage inequality and adjustment plans, we took to the streets against gender and sexual violence and for legal abortion and conquered with the mobilization to advance the right to abortion in Ireland. Because we know that the history of our rights is that of conquest in the streets, this 28S we have the challenge of promoting a global day for legal abortion.

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