Internationalist Rally at 100 years of the Russian Revolution

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Acto por los 100 años de la Revolución Rusa en Buenos AiresBy El Socialista
On behalf of the IWU-FI, Izquierda Socialista (Socialist Left) convened on Saturday 8 July an internationalist rally in Buenos Aires to honour the historic revolutionary victory of October 1917 and the closing of the Sixth Congress of the international organisation.

In a climate of struggle not devoid of emotion, militants and leaders of Izquierda Socialista, together with representatives of their sister parties of the International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI), trade union delegations and friends of the party, we gathered on Saturday in the auditorium of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution, vindicating the validity of the theoretical and political legacy of Lenin and Trotsky, and the founder of our current, Nahuel Moreno. The event also marked the closing of the Sixth Congress of the IWU-FI, in which leaders of the various sections debated the world political situation and defined the revolutionary policy for the next three years.

The following delegations were present at the event: Corrente Socialista dos Trabalhadores [Socialist Current of the Workers] (CST-PSOL) of Brazil; Partido Socialismo y Libertad (Socialism and Liberty Party – PSL) of Venezuela; ARPT and Fuersa of Bolivia, in process of unification; Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores (Socialist Movement of the Workers – MST) of Chile; Uníos (Together) from Peru; Propuesta Socialista (Socialist Proposal – PS) of Panama; Movimiento Al Socialismo (Movement for Socialism – MAS, formerly POS) of Mexico; Lucha Internacionalista (Internationalist Struggle – LI) of the Spanish State; Groupe Socialiste Internationaliste (Socialist Internationalist Group – GSI) of France; İşçi Demokrasisi Partisi (Workers' Democracy Party – IDP) of Turkey, as well as comrades from the sympathising organizations Luta Socialista (Socialist Fight – LS) of Brazil and KRD of Germany, and comrades from Norway. Their representatives took the stage in the middle of a warm welcome together with Izquierda Socialista MPs Juan Carlos Giordano and Laura Marrone, and comrade Miguel Sorans, leader of Izquierda Socialista and of the International Secretariat of IWU-FI. Also present were important leaders of Izquierda Socialista who lead the slates to legislators and MPs of the FIT, among them Buenos Aires Province deputy Monica Schlotthauer, Rubén "Pollo" Sobrero, Angelica Lagunas — accompanied by an important delegation of teachers from Neuquén and by Elizabeth Hernández (Mother of Brian, an emblematic case of "easy trigger" in Neuquén)— and Jorge Adaro. Comrade Liliana Olivero, a candidate for national deputy, sent her greetings from Córdoba. Also in the rally, there were workers from PepsiCo and Argensun, fighting against layoffs. A delegate of PepsiCo spoke and important collections were made for the fighting funds. Also attending were Andrea D'Atri, leader of the PTS; Oscar Schaller, plaintiff against the genocidal Milani in the mega-cause of La Rioja; and Juan Carlos Coral, presidential candidate in 1973 of the "glorious PST".

After the speeches of several international leaders, "Gringo Giordano" closed the emotional rally, and everyone present sang The Internationale.


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