Greetings from the Democratic Left Party of Syria

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70410da2a435472bc587bd4414f4e2abLadies and Gentlemen, organizers of the International Worker's Unity-Fourth Internationalist Congress

Comrade’s kind regards,

It is a pleasure for us to have our voice reaches your dignified congress, the voice of the Syrian Democratic Left Party.

Our party, which was born from the womb of the Syrian revolution against the fascist discrimination regime in Damascus, which is supported by international imperialism as it represents and supports its interests in the Middle East.

Our party sees itself at the forefront of supporting the unity of workers in the world, to overthrow the power of imperialism, by undermining the powers in the local communities which global imperialism relies on, represented by the new fascist - And neo-Nazi and the family mafia regimes. These regimes are considered as one of the ugliest concentrated form of global imperialism.

Therefore, we hope the International Worker's Unity- Fourth International through your distinguished congress to vote on the call to support local revolutions as a prelude to overthrow globalized capitalist imperialism.

Comrades of the International Worker's Unity- Fourth International, we extend our hands to you and salute your permanent revolution against globalized capital, wishing your congress be a great success.

The Central Committee of the Syrian Democratic Left Party.



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