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1 Solidarity with the popular rebellion of the "yellow vests" in France
2 25 November: international day against violence against women:We must keep on the streets for #NiUnaMenos
3 Joint statement of Syrian Democratic Left Party and Workers Democracy Party, Turkey for the situation in Siria
4 USA elections: a political blow to Trump's government
5 Salameh Kaileh: a prominent Arab revolutionary died
6 28S: A new #gritoglobal for legal abortion
7 Questions and answers regarding the case of Rodney Alvarez, worker and political prisoner in Venezuela
8 USA–North Korea: What happened in the summit Trump–Kim Jong-un?
9 Stop the massacre to the Palestinian people! We repudiate Trump and the genocidal State of Israel!
10 Stop the repression of the Murderous Daniel Ortega´s Government! Unconditional solidarity with the people of Nicaragua!
12 We repudiate the imperialist shelling on Syria! No to Trump's killer missiles!
13 We repudiate Douma chemical attack! Stop the massacre of Syrian civilian!
14 14 and 15 April: International Solidarity Days with Catalan people fight
15 14-15 April: Act to defend democracy and human rights, in Catalonia and everywhere
16 We repudiate the recent assassination of Palestinians in Gaza
17 Freedom to Puigdemont! Stop persecution to the Catalan people!
18 We repudiate Marielle Franco's assassination in Brazil!
19 M8 - To the Second International Women's Strike - IWU-FI
20 The Double Discourse of the Pope in Chile
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