Turkey: The coup and the purge


The scale of the terror Erdogan is implementing extends way beyond simply targeting Gülen supporters.By Muhittin Karkın - july 20th, 2016

All coups and coup attempts, in and of themselves, are civil wars of small scale; they have winners and losers. While the consequences of the conflict, the fate of the losers, and the way in which the regime will be reshaped primarily depend on the ideology and intentions of the winner, the former is also contingent upon the character of the means that put an end to the conflict. If only what suppressed the July 15 insurrection were mobilizations led by a democratic mass, new revolutionary democratic winds might have been blowing in the country now. Unfortunately, that is not what happened; the coup attempt was deflated and eventually suppressed as a result of conflicts and schemes among the organs of the state. The radical Islamist minorities who took the streets when the defeat of the coup supporters had become more or less obvious on the night of the coup attempt, as well as those who gather in the squares in the following days are no more than masses of people that the sovereign sector called out to the streets in a top-down fashion in order to ensure popular support to its own plans. Unfortunately, these masses are far from being the guarantors of democracy despite all the contrary claims of AKP and the President.

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Turkey: Time to protect our freedom against the coup and against the repressive of Erdogan!


 The only real solution against the military juntas as well as against the repression of the palace regime is the mobilization of the masses of workers, youth, women, Kurds and all other repressed and exploited sectors against repressive and looter policies as well as these masses' persistent efforts to claim democratic rights and freedoms.Statement from the Workers Democracy Party of Turkey against Military Coup! July 16th, 2016

We have witnessed a military coup attempt that had started gaining visibility late last night. Following the military junta's seize of certain critical locations such as the Office of the Chief of the Army and that of the General Command of the Gendarmerie, a failed coup attempt took place before the eyes of Turkey. While more than 60 people died during the conflicts that followed, about 1400 members of the Turkish Armed Forces got detained. The Turkish National Assembly was bombed for the first time in Turkish history. While the conflicts still continue in certain locations, the failure of the attempt has already been practically proven.

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No to the military coup in Turkey!


The Socialists of the IWL–FI call to repudiate the military coup and any attempt to repress the people, young people, women and workers who take to the streets to confront the military coup

In defence of the democratic rights of the Turkish people! No to Erdogan's repressive regime!

On the evening of Friday 15 a military coup was unleashed in Turkey. The news is confusing. Apparently, the situation has not yet become defined. Military forces with tanks took to the streets, controlled bridges over the Bosphorus in Istanbul and various points in the capital Ankara. The coup leaders have read a statement on television in which they established martial law. President Erdogan and his party, AKP, called out to the streets in defence of his regime.

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Stop racist violence in the USA! Black lives matter!


The murder of two more black men, Philando Castile (32, teacher, in Minnesota) and Alton Sterling (37 years, CD seller, Louisiana) by the American racist police sparked large protests in the United States, which reverberated in Europe. The murder of two more black men, Philando Castile (32, teacher, in Minnesota) and Alton Sterling (37 years, CD seller, Louisiana) by the American racist police sparked large protests in the United States, which reverberated in Europe. The murders were filmed and broadcast on social networks, helping to visualise the enormous racist brutality. In both cases, there was no resistance against the action of police who were allegedly acting on minor infractions (Castile had a broken headlight of his car and was killed because the police "suspected" he could draw a weapon).

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