Between Havana and Buenos Aires: The reasons for Obama’s trip


Obama and Raúl CastroBy Miguel Sorans, writing in El Socialista, Argentina

Many wonder why Obama travels to Argentina on 24 March on the 40th anniversary of the genocidal coup backed by the US. Obama is not interested in having demonstrations or rejections of his visit to Argentina. He is not interested because his visit is part of a political operative in Latin America that has two legs: Cuba and Argentina. The reasons for traveling to Buenos Aires are obvious. Obama wants to support the new reactionary and pro-Yankee government of Mauricio Macri. It is a trip to ratify they will be allies to continue paying the debt and to favour the multinationals and financial capital against the working people.

This is clear and requires no further explanation. But what are the reasons for the trip to Cuba? Answering this question does require a longer explanation. It is not explained with just two sentences. Because, unfortunately, the background of this historic journey is the ratification that Cuba continues to make progress in the process of restoration of capitalism under the leadership of Raul Castro. Obama travels to support this "Cuban" capitalism and to advance with US investments in the island.

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Five years of revolution in Syria


Manifestación en Aleppo el viernes 11/3 a casi 5 años del levantamiento popular contra la dictadura de Al Assad en Siria. Desde entonces ni solo día el pueblo sirio dejó de luchar heroicamente por su libertad contra la dictadura e invasores diversos.No to the genocidal siege of Aleppo!

Down with Bashar al-Assad!

Down with ISIS. Stop the bombings of Russia, the US and NATO!

Solidarity with the rebellious Syrian people! Down with Europe's walls!

March 15 marks five years of the popular uprising against dictatorship of Al-Assad in Syria. Since then, not for a single day have the Syrian people stopped fighting heroically for their freedom against the dictatorship and several invaders.

They were subjected to crushing attacks, including permanent bombings of population centres, as few people in history. There are more than 300,000 dead and millions of refugees in neighbouring countries, hundreds of thousands desperately trying to enter Europe, and millions driven from their cities and homes within Syria itself.

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US Primaries: What is the Sanders phenomenon?


Bernie SandersAs in the rest of the world, new winds are blowing in the political arena of the United States. Faced with a social crisis that advances relentlessly, with its attendant unemployment, low wages and no prospect of improvement on the horizon, the discredit and rejection of the traditional parties has a new expression. The 74-year old veteran socialist Bernie Sanders accumulates victories in primary elections in the Democratic Party, competing head-to-head with Hillary Clinton toward the presidential election of November this year.

By Silvia Santos

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Venezuela: Strong defeat and punishment vote against Maduro’s government

On 6 December the government of Nicolas Maduro and the PSUV suffered a heavy political defeat at the hands of the pro-imperialist opposition grouped in the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).

Statement by the Socialism and Freedom Party

On 6 December the government of Nicolas Maduro and the PSUV suffered a heavy political defeat at the hands of the pro-imperialist opposition grouped in the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).

The MUD obtained a qualified majority of two-thirds in the National Assembly (NA) with 112 deputies, while the PSUV won 55 deputies. Chavism has thus lost the majority in the National Assembly, which had held for 16 years.

It was a crushing defeat. The MUD won 7,707,422 votes, representing 56.2 percent, while Chavez won 5,599,025 votes, or 40.8 percent.

The massive vote for the MUD reflects a clear punishment vote of the majority of the people and workers against the growing deterioration of their living standards. It was a vote of rejection of high inflation, the shameful queues, against shortages of basic products, low pay, insecurity, layoffs, and lousy public services. It was a punishment vote against a government that has criminalised protest, persecuted those who fight, laid off thousands of workers of public bodies, ignored collective agreements and systematically violated the autonomy of popular organizations and unions.

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