“NO” in the 5th of July referendum


By Internationalists Comunists Organization (OKDE) – GreciaWe can beat them once more – Struggle everywhere, to support and expand the victory of January 25, to support our own working-class and popular rights! The memorandums must be stripped out completely!

The blackmail on the part of the creditors/usurers, the EU and the IMF, has led SYRIZA to (temporarily?) break the so-called "negotiation" and resort to the people, asking them to reject the inhumane measures proposed. The creditors had been so far encouraged by the continuous concessions of the government and were aiming to impose upon the greek people a new shameful agreement. The measures included large primary budget surpluses, cuts of wages and pensions, irrational increases in VAT on goods consumed widely, the abolition of all tax exemptions for workers and popular layers, as well as relentless tax drainage, unreasonable increases in retirement age limits... and many more – which will only lead the greek economy and society to total disaster. And what is more, they are asking for harder and harder measures, they send ultimatums, they stomp on popular and national sovereignty, as if they are addressing a colony, in an obvious attempt to humiliate and squeeze the Greek people.

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Greece: Syriza gave in to pressure by the IMF and the European Union


The government of Syriza, headed by Alexis Tsipras, who claims to be of the left, ended up giving in and agreeing to new adjustments against the Greek people. The government of Syriza, headed by Alexis Tsipras, who claims to be of the left, ended up giving in and agreeing to new adjustments against the Greek people. The left wing of Syriza came out to oppose it and denounce the pact of its government. So did other sectors of the Greek left.

By Miguel Sorans, IWU-FI, 23 June 2015

During the month of June there were decisive encounters that would put at stake whether Greece continues paying the foreign debt, with the adjustments and under the control of the Troika: IMF, European Union (EU) and European Central Bank.

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We repudiate the death penalty to political leaders in Egypt!


We do not grant any rights to this murderous dictatorship to judge anyone. It will be the working people and youth, who started the revolution, who may try former President Mursi, head of the MB, and also these military murderers who purport to speak on behalf of the revolution when they are the agents of the counterrevolution.Down with the civilian-military dictatorship!

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi was sentenced to death on a provisional basis on 16 May by a criminal court in Cairo, Egypt. The court of appeals upheld the ruling in June. Also sentenced to capital punishment for spying were the chairman of the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saad Katatni, his vice president, Essam al-Erian, and the prominent Islamic preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who was tried in absentia. Mursi was sentenced to death, along with other 105 members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mursi and the MB leaders have received crude accusations that include a denunciation of "receiving" aid, for an alleged "flight" of Hamas and Hezbollah fighters.

These convictions are endorsed by the civil-military dictatorship of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, which has persecuted supporters, members and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. But this dictatorship not only persecutes the MB but represses strikes and all forms of youth and popular protest. Key sectors in the revolution of 2011 that overthrew the dictator Hosni Mubarak, such as the April 6 Youth Movement, have been declared illegal.

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Call to support the revolution in Syria


What has been happening since March 2011 in Syria is a real revolution, which still stands today, despite all the violence and the atrocities of the Syrian regime against the raised people.Following up the activities in support of the Syrian revolution at the World Social Forum (WSF), in March 2013, forces and leftist parties in the WSF 2015 considered it necessary to ratify and strengthen their support to this Revolution; and pledge to do everything possible to organise a meeting in Istanbul in July this year, bringing together all forces and leftist parties, social organisations, trade unions and solidarity movements supporting the Syrian revolution, and who are willing to defend the Syrian people in their struggle for the revolution their right to overthrow the blood thirsty regime of al-Assad.

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